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    About Polycab LED

    Polycab is the main organization in the electrical business with a brilliant reputation of more than 4 decades. It has the reputation of being the quickest developing organization in the Indian Cable part. Our lighting products are suited for utilitarian use and for embellishing purposes. Our lighting item portfolio additionally incorporates LED household products and LED luminaires for a shopper, business and open-air lighting.

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    We are the authorized distributor of Polycab LED lights and luminaries. From functional to decorative uses, our lighting products are the best. Whether for consumer, commercial or outdoor lighting use, our product portfolio has the ideal LED luminaries and LED domestic products of all types. We move and exchange a scope of LED lights and luminaires at fluctuated wattages. Our lighting items are suited for use as task lighting, which is proposed to be useful and concentrated, for example, perusing, and for highlight lighting, which is expected essentially for enlivening purposes. Our LED lights have been confirmed to be in congruence with the Indian Standard Index by the BIS. Our lighting and luminaire items are sold under the brand name “Polycab”.


    In comparison to filament bulb, a CFL lasts 8 times more. Additionally, an LED bulb has a superior life in comparison to both filament and CFL bulbs combined with around 25 times more efficiency and life. Due to their productivity, LED’s are commonly progressively expensive, yet their vitality saves money on your electric bill and satisfies the customer when contrasted with a filament bulb. Moreover, the power consumption of LED is very less.

    All our LED lights and bulbs are energy sparing that is intended to replace filament, fluorescent, CFL, metal halide, high weight sodium and incandescent lamps in your office or business. They will decrease your energy consumption by at least 40%, and as much as 80%, depending upon the light you pick and the light we are replacing. With LEDs enduring up to 100,000 hours, you can also switch to Polycab LEDs for better results.


    How do LED lights work?
    Light-emitting diodes (LED) are a type of semiconductors which converts passing electrons into light. LED lights are much more efficient in converting energy to light than the filament and CFL bulbs and also, radiate the least amount of energy as heat.
    What are the raw materials used in LED?
    LED lamps are often made with arrays of surface mount LED modules (SMD modules) that replace filament or compact fluorescent lamps, mostly replacing filament lamps rated from 5 to 60 watts.
    What are the benefits of using LED lights?
    LED lights consume less power as compared to the conventional fluorescent bulbs.

    LED lamps have a better life and last longer than the CFL or filament bulbs.

    Which is the best-LED brand in India?
    Polycab is India’s no. 1 LED lights and luminaires manufacturing company.
    Do they contain any unsafe or substantial metals like Mercury?
    No, LED bulbs don’t contain mercury or some other risky metals or synthetic compounds.


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