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    What is Instrumentation Cable? 

    There are different types of cables available in the market and each varies as far as capacity and performance. Thermocouple cables, solar cables, halogen cables, optical cables and other speciality cables are broadly utilized for different huge purposes. In any case, there exist less known types of cables, which has essentially possessed a noteworthy place in the cable industry; they are known as Instrumentation cables. At first look, instrumentation cables may appear to be like other thick sheathed cables. However, your presumption would prove wrong when you compare its appearance and its execution. Instrumentation cables are not fundamental cables. They transmit signals from one end to the next with definitely no contortion. Made of 99.99% pure EC grade copper, the conductors of these cables are treated according to the modern guidelines for superior conductivity, adaptability and prolongation.

    Polycab Instrumentation          Cable

    Polycab instrumentation cables are protected with excellent PVC, which is fit for dealing with outside temperature over 85 degree Celsius. Dissimilar to other cables which have a single defensive sheath, these cables have various defensive barriers, that shield it from high temperatures. Formed by immovably winding a pack of cables together, these cables are wrapped with translucent non-hygroscopic polyester tape, also called Mylar tape. The thickness of these cables fluctuate from 20 to 50 microns and are experimentally encased to shield the cables from moisture and surpassing temperature. These cables generally bear a copper-braided shield or are encased in a poly-aluminium tape. The internal sheath of these cables is made of PVC and its thickness shifts relying on the size of the cable. However, the base thickness of the inner sheath is about 0.3mm. Built with Galvanized Iron, the strong covering utilized in these cables shield it from technical and mechanical harm. Designed to serve extensively in Engineering and micro-processing sectors, Instrumentation cables are highly functional in major industrial applications like power generation and distribution.

    Copper Unarmoured Cables

    Copper Unarmoured cables are less expensive than armoured cables.Since it does not have an extra protective layer like armoured cables, it can be easily installed in protective locations such as walls where its chances of getting damaged are less. We distribute varieties of unarmoured cables like instrumentation unarmoured cable, Unarmoured telephone cables, unarmoured aluminium cable and unarmoured copper cables.

        Overall Shielded Armoured Instrumentation          Cable Price Range –

    Type No. Size Rate in RS. Per Mtr.
    Core 2-24 0.5 50-350
    0.75 600- 10000
    1 100-600
    1.5 100-800
    2.5 100-1200
    Pair 1-24 0.5 40-550
    0.75 50-800
    1 50-1100
    1.5 100-1400
    2.5 150-2400
    Triad 1-24 0.5 50-900
    0.75 100-1300
    1 100-1600
    1.5 150-2200
    2.5 200-3500
    Quad 1 0.5 100
    0.75 129
    1 146
    1.5 185
    2.5 264


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