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    About Aluminium Cables

    Today, the industries requiring flexible connections widely use aluminium cables. Aluminium cable is stiffer and lighter than any other cable and hence, it is easy to install. The availability of aluminium is greater than copper which is the reason why we get aluminium wires & cables at cheaper rates. When it comes to weight, aluminium is 70% lighter than copper. Because of it’s lower weight and flexibility the tensile force required for pulling is very less as compared to other conductors. But, the lower conductivity of aluminium requires wire size approx one third larger than copper wire. Hence, aluminium wires are widely used in all high & medium voltage overhead wiring and low & medium voltage underground cables.

    Controlled with Tri-Guard innovation, Polycab’s Aluminium wires guarantee great savings, strength and safety. Controlling power leakage and preventing short circuit issues, they are made to serve productively for longer periods. Polycab Cables is the market leader in Electrical wires. With prevalent quality and client approved inconvenience free execution approval, Polycab’s scope of Aluminium Industrial Cables is the main decision in the market since the last  50 years.

      Aluminium Armoured Cables

    Aluminium Armoured Cables are Ideal for carrying current at high voltage. We offer Aluminium wire from 70 to 4000 Rs. Per Mtr with 5% to 25% round wire armouring.

    Aluminium Unarmoured Cables

    Aluminium Unarmoured cables are less expensive than armoured cables. Since it does not have an extra protective layer like armoured cables, it can be easily installed in protective locations such as walls where its chances of getting damaged are less.

        Price Range

    Cable Size Rate in RS. Per Mtr.
    Copper Armoured 25-1000 Single Core Single Core 300-12334
    2 Core 600- 10000
    3 Core 900 - 15000
    3.5 Core 1000 - 17000
    4 Core 1000 - 19000
    5 Core 1500 - 3086
    Copper Unarmoured 25 - 1000 Sq. mm. Single Core 200 - 11000
    2 Core 500 - 9000
    3 Core 800 - 13121
    3.5 Core 1000 - 16000
    4 Core 1000 - 18000
    FRLS Loading Factor - Control Cable LSZH
    Cores Inner Sheath Outer Sheath Inner Sheath Outer Sheath
    Armoured / Unarmoured
    2 to 4 core 5% 6% 15% 15%
    5 to 10 core 5% 4% 15% 15%
    5 to 10 core 5% 4% 15% 15%
    12 & Above 5% 4% 12.50% 12.50%


    What is the density of aluminium cable?
    The density of aluminium is about 2,710kg/m3. The density of the alloys of aluminium does not vary widely from this figure ranging between 2,640kg/m3 and 2,810kg/m3.


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