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We are India’s leading distributor and exporter of Polycab Wire & Cables. We have spent more than 35 years as an all India Authorized Distributor of Polycab. We are suppliers of Copper wires, Aluminium wires, Fire Survival Cables, Instrumentation Cables, FR/FRLZ/FRZH Wires, Flexible Cables, Power Cables, HT Cables, Jelly Filled Telephone Cables, Co-axial Cables and Solar AC/DC Cables.
Copper Cable

Copper remains the foremost well-liked material used for wires as a result of it’s a smart conductor of electrical current and it’s fairly cheap when put next to gold and silver.

Aluminium Cable
Controlled with Tri-Guard innovation, Our Aluminium wires guarantee great savings, strength, and safety. Controlling power leakage and preventing short circuit issues, they are made to serve productively for longer periods.
Fire Survivor Cable

Polycab offers Flame Retardant, Flame Retardant Zero Halogen Cables. These cables produce almost zero smoke in case of fires.

  Instrumentation Cables
They transmit signals from one end to the other with absolutely no distortion. Made of 99.99% pure EC grade copper, the conductors of these cables are treated as per the industrial standards for superior conductivity, flexibility and elongation.
Flexible Cables

Flexible Cables are designed to cope with tight bending radii and physical stress associated with moving applications.

  Power Cables
Power cables are an assembly of electrical conductors usually held together with an overall sheath.
HT Cable

A range of reliable, safe and non-hazardous HT cables. Ideal for high-voltage electric power transmission. These cables are a preferred choice for Power Plants and Industries.

  Jelly Filled Telephone Cables
Polycab jelly filled telephone wires have been known to deliver superior quality of sound and connectivity while remaining robust and easy to maintain.
Co-axial Cable

Our lighting products are suited for functional use and for decorative purposes. Our lighting product portfolio also includes LED domestic products and LED luminaires for consumer, commercial and outdoor lighting.

  Solar AC/DC  Cables
Polycab’s solar cables are known for their mechanical strength. The metal mesh housing the cable doubles up as a shield against over voltage. The flexibility of the cables allows for easy installation and care.


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