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    About Copper Cables

    Copper remains the foremost well-liked material used for wires as a result of it’s a smart conductor of electrical current and it’s fairly cheap when put next to gold and silver. According to IACS conductivity rating, copper is widely used in electricity supply, telecommunication and automobile industry. The most important and major use of copper wires and cables is in the supply of electricity because copper has a very high conductivity compared to most other conductors. Copper wires are additionally utilized in the PVC insulated cables which help in the underground transport framework, electricity networks and so on. Because of it’s lower electrical resistance the current flows through the copper wire very easily.

        Copper Armoured Cables

    Armouring provides mechanical protection to cables. The copper armoured cables are covered with galvanised steel strips. These cables are used to reduce the risk of damage. Polycab is engaged in offering a large array of Copper Armoured Cables and we are proud to be the largest distributor of Polycab’s flat and round strip armoured cables with inner and outer sheath armouring.

    Copper Unarmoured Cables

    Copper Unarmoured cables are less expensive than armoured cables.Since it does not have an extra protective layer like armoured cables, it can be easily installed in protective locations such as walls where its chances of getting damaged are less. We distribute varieties of unarmoured cables like instrumentation unarmoured cable, Unarmoured telephone cables, unarmoured aluminium cable and unarmoured copper cables.

        Price Range

    Cable Size Rate in RS. Per Mtr.
    Copper Armoured 25-1000 Single Core Single Core 300-12334
    2 Core 600- 10000
    3 Core 900 - 15000
    3.5 Core 1000 - 17000
    4 Core 1000 - 19000
    5 Core 1500 - 3086
    Copper Unarmoured 25 - 1000 Sq. mm. Single Core 200 - 11000
    2 Core 500 - 9000
    3 Core 800 - 13121
    3.5 Core 1000 - 16000
    4 Core 1000 - 18000
    FRLS Loading Factor - Control Cable LSZH
    Cores Inner Sheath Outer Sheath Inner Sheath Outer Sheath
    Armoured / Unarmoured
    2 to 4 core 5% 6% 15% 15%
    5 to 10 core 5% 4% 15% 15%
    5 to 10 core 5% 4% 15% 15%
    12 & Above 5% 4% 12.50% 12.50%


    What is insulated copper cable?
    The insulated copper cables and wires are the cables having a sheath of an insulating material like plastic or insulation tape etc.
    How does copper cable transmit data?
    The copper cable only transfers electrical currents through it. So, the copper wire only transmits electrical signals and the optical signals are sent using the fibre optic technology.
    What is resistivity of copper wire?
    The resistivity of copper is 1.724 x 10-8 Ω m (0.0174 μΩ m).
    What is the difference between copper wire and copper cable?
    Copper wire is a single core wire made up of copper conductor while the copper cable is made up of two or more wires grouped in a single sheath. The conductor used in both wires and cable is Copper Conductor.


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